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Talk therapy is an important part of mental health care, but it's not all lying on a couch and talking about your mother. At Mountain View Psychiatry and TMS, Zahida Tayyib, MD, and her team of licensed mental health providers offer group, couples, and individual therapies to help you explore and resolve your thoughts, emotions, and underlying issues that contribute to your mental health. Call Mountain View Psychiatry and TMS or schedule an appointment online today to learn more about your counseling options.

Group, Couple, and Individual Therapies

What happens during group, couples, and individual therapies?

Therapy is a broad term that includes a range of different theories, practices, and applications to improve your mental health. At Mountain View Psychiatry and TMS, Dr. Tayyib and her team offer a variety of different therapeutic approaches and work with you to implement the best possible counseling.

Individual therapy

During individual therapy, you have a one-on-one conversation with a counselor. Your therapist takes one of a variety of approaches during counseling, but, in general, you talk about your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

You may work together to identify patterns or connections between your thoughts and actions and implement strategies to choose healthier responses to negative thoughts. You may also talk about your past to explore experiences or traumas that still influence you today.

Couples therapy

During couples therapy, your counselor helps you and your partner improve your communication and resolve issues that interfere with your lives. You and your partner bring your problems to your therapist, who listens objectively to both sides and helps you find ways to listen, share, and find mutually satisfying solutions to your problems.

Group therapy

Group therapy allows you to listen and share with others who are going through similar experiences. In addition to helping you realize that you're not isolated, group therapy enables you to understand the way you project to others. You can learn from each other's experiences and offer support to one another.

What are the benefits of therapy?

Therapy, whether you attend individual, couples, or group sessions, provides an opportunity for you to reflect on yourself and talk about the challenges you face. While a therapist isn't there to give the answers, they do ask thought-provoking questions to help you consider your thoughts, feelings, and actions from different perspectives.

When should I have therapy?

You should schedule therapy when you feel like you’re facing challenges or dealing with negative or harmful thoughts that interfere with your life. Everyone needs someone to talk to from time to time who is nonjudgmental and offers a safe environment to explore your thoughts and feelings.

If you're interested in therapy, call Mountain View Psychiatry and TMS or schedule a consultation online today.